Henry Smith
Henry Smith Pred 6 urami
Social distancing?
E Pred 6 urami
It's literally raining Dogs🐕 and Cats🐈👉44:28
3ndl3ss Pred 6 urami
Anyone else love Ethans intros??
simone correnti
simone correnti Pred 6 urami
Yes yes yes oh no no no no
Anises Pred 6 urami
Last girl is LENG
Dylan Kershaw
Dylan Kershaw Pred 6 urami
"its just a woman bro" famous last words
furious 8spect
furious 8spect Pred 6 urami
Wtf is Harry wearing 😂
funny meme's
funny meme's Pred 6 urami
They should do Take me out sidemen edition
GFR Pred 6 urami
Fa 007
Fa 007 Pred 6 urami
Do this again
Oisin Reilly
Oisin Reilly Pred 6 urami
When did vik rat out Simon and Jj for not doing the shot
Dylan Kershaw
Dylan Kershaw Pred 6 urami
its gonna be so painful to watch vik's one
vedant agarwal
vedant agarwal Pred 6 urami
8:06 whats her name?
DaMyca Jones
DaMyca Jones Pred 6 urami
I'm autistic!!!!!
Xinliツ Pred 6 urami
do ksi next
Hxqt Pred 6 urami
This was such a laugh hahahah
Zyde Pred 6 urami
Next: Ksi and 20 women
The Jza
The Jza Pred 6 urami
They needed that blooper reel at the end to maintain the boys careers 😂
Hodo100 Pred 6 urami
is it just me or does vik have the best sneeze
alexzje Pred 6 urami
8/10 - Even with the dead dog? lmaaoooo
Sulo Eyre
Sulo Eyre Pred 6 urami
I wanna see jj box a kangaroo 😂😂
George Ellis
George Ellis Pred 6 urami
the best vid ive ever fully watched
Samuel Jobling
Samuel Jobling Pred 6 urami
Ricco Meola
Ricco Meola Pred 6 urami
Doooo ksi and make him do Babatunga
Game Master
Game Master Pred 6 urami
Bro I would just read yaseen
Alex Davis
Alex Davis Pred 6 urami
Who else is rewatching after hearing jj forgot to put ads for the first 3m views so Harry didn’t even get paid lmao
Mac and Ayrton
Mac and Ayrton Pred 6 urami
jimmy t
jimmy t Pred 6 urami
Wots average age watching this, tops16 to 10years.. Its poor
LUMATOO Pred 6 urami
Simon should be next HAHAHAHAHA
Charlie Moffatt
Charlie Moffatt Pred 6 urami
when he talked to all the goals the first one suits him best
Phant0m_1011 Pred 6 urami
Watching ksi is si much hard than harry
Eightlegs *_*
Eightlegs *_* Pred 6 urami
Subtitles are so out
AMV fire
AMV fire Pred 6 urami
Shae Urlich
Shae Urlich Pred 6 urami
ethan should be next
conner Pred 6 urami
Wtf was the grown😂😂😂😂😂
Zara Stanley
Zara Stanley Pred 6 urami
i think JJ next time
Jasmine Luise
Jasmine Luise Pred 6 urami
JJ took this way to seriously lol😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Elmond Pred 6 urami
one more year of waiting till the movie comes to cinemas
EmptyM4gaz1ne Pred 6 urami
Gio Angelinetta
Gio Angelinetta Pred 6 urami
Schnorbitz 101
Schnorbitz 101 Pred 6 urami
Poor Harry he is so awkward 😂
kolonel T2003
kolonel T2003 Pred 6 urami
41:08 reminds me of the “I’m 2chainz” line from wild and out
Alexander Richardson
Alexander Richardson Pred 6 urami
take ksi I wanna see him vs 20 woman
Itz_gavra 007
Itz_gavra 007 Pred 6 urami
Ethan !!!
Dallin Dorius
Dallin Dorius Pred 6 urami
Lmao Moana is definitely not Hawaiian but go off
Just a random black dude
Just a random black dude Pred 6 urami
5 Sidemen left.
Abdulrahman Nafie
Abdulrahman Nafie Pred 6 urami
the purple team had a much better time than the orange team fr
MIro Mahmud
MIro Mahmud Pred 6 urami
JJ should be next
Kaeul Park
Kaeul Park Pred 6 urami
The judicious preface preferentially support because powder contrastingly owe onto a right dahlia. jolly, imperfect france
Nxus ѱ ツ
Nxus ѱ ツ Pred 6 urami
this is longest 5 mins ever lol
Jack Stray Year 7
Jack Stray Year 7 Pred 6 urami
someone told stephen there was a school nearby tobi is so underatted
Thomas Stratford-Smith
Thomas Stratford-Smith Pred 6 urami
Ay yo Stephen tries should do It that would be dead funny
Elite Pred 6 urami
Who is the guy with the hat on the back row of the audience?
Jack Stray Year 7
Jack Stray Year 7 Pred 6 urami
Trying to keep my job here..... so yh hahhahahhh
Emily Cole
Emily Cole Pred 6 urami
Ethan “I’ve seen him do it on dru-“ 🤣 mental
NM8 Pred 6 urami
harry is too funny get johs on the next one or jj
CJ Lute
CJ Lute Pred 6 urami
44:41 imagine saying the Wii is a trash console 🤡
Yumna Pred 6 urami
37:42 the boys actually do have hearts, this is gold 😭
Ben3 tao
Ben3 tao Pred 6 urami
The uptight gold speculatively attack because swedish jekely suffer above a stupendous silver. placid, plain poultry
Harley Mayne
Harley Mayne Pred 6 urami
I want tobi to do this
ipotatosenpai Pred 6 urami
That water from shoe I would never
mayerr may
mayerr may Pred 6 urami
looool KSI
Sean Schwingo
Sean Schwingo Pred 6 urami
The girl with the apple juice is actually unreal
Cromptonator Pred 6 urami
How many subscribers can I get from this comment? Currently on 141
Wan Syahmi
Wan Syahmi Pred 6 urami
at the thumbnail u can see ethan at the back walking
SOUNDZ Pred 6 urami
Luis Rivera
Luis Rivera Pred 6 urami
Harry should just date the mermaid
Moonlight twin!
Moonlight twin! Pred 6 urami
Harold look mad
Unaysah Makda
Unaysah Makda Pred 6 urami
29:06 anyone else hear niall horans song in the back?? i love niall sm
Zander AA11
Zander AA11 Pred 6 urami
I swear he’s soooooo stress
Matthew Iddon
Matthew Iddon Pred 6 urami
Matěj Jehlička
Matěj Jehlička Pred 6 urami
2:32 my man harry is in real pain
L Petersen
L Petersen Pred 6 urami
Do tobi next
young blesser
young blesser Pred 6 urami
Ksi next
young blesser
young blesser Pred 6 urami
Ksi next
young blesser
young blesser Pred 6 urami
Ksi next
young blesser
young blesser Pred 6 urami
Ksi next
young blesser
young blesser Pred 6 urami
Ksi next
Dragon da wagon yt
Dragon da wagon yt Pred 7 urami
Ksi should do it
Noah Kleijn
Noah Kleijn Pred 7 urami
ksi needs tho go next